Dermatend Skin Tag Remover Review

mole removalWelcome to my Dermatend skin tag remover review. I have been putting off writing this post for a while but I wanted to share my sister’s experience with Dermatend.

My sister had some skin tags that she was so desperate to remove. From all the skin tag removal sites and reviews we found online, Dermatend was the cream most people recommended. She went ahead and ordered Dermatend two weeks ago.

She started using the cream since the package arrived last week and now all her skin tags are completely gone, she has clear skin again with no scar left behind.

The one she used is the DermaTend Extra Strength, the one that comes with the healing balm. Dermatend worked for my sister and I highly recommend it if have skin tags you want to remove. This is much cheaper and safer compared to dangerous surgery.

If you would like to try Dermatend or learn more about the cream, visit their website.

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Those of us who suffer from skin tags know how unsightly and annoying some of them can be, so in this article we will discuss Dermatend which is an all-natural formula that will help you to get rid of those unwanted skin tags in a natural way.

Why consider this treatment?

Because it is completely safe and natural, and is quickly making the need for surgery to treat such problems redundant!dermertend product

No more cutting, burning or expensive laser surgery and the associated risks, no more visits to your doctor, no more ugly scars from any surgery, and no more embarrassing skin problems.

It is extremely cost effective, and due to the use of all-natural ingredients this formula offers no side-effects whatsoever, and to back these claims up the company behind the product offer a 60 day money back guarantee in the rare event that you are not happy with the product.

How is it applied?

This really could not be easier it is a simple three-step process, which you can do in the comfort of your own home.

Step 1 – Prep the Blemish

You gently scrape the blemish so the formula can penetrate it. Then cleanse the area with hot water and soap, and finally towel dry it thoroughly.

Step 2 – Apply the formula

You massage the tube until its contents are loosened, apply the formula to the blemish and wait 20 to 30 minutes. You should feel a slight stinging sensation once you have applied the formula. If you don’t then you have not scraped the blemish enough.

Step 3 – Wash and Wait!

After 20-30 minutes you should wash the dermatend formula off, and then you will see a scab forming within 24 hours. When this scab falls off the blemish will be gone. If it has not disappeared then simply repeat steps 1 to 3.

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Now let us have a look at the different options you have when purchasing this formula:


You will find that this removes up to 4 skin tags, you will see results in as little as 3 days, and this removes skin tags for only $10 each. This package does not come with the free healing balm which is offered in:

Extra Strength Ultra Formula

This will remove up to 15 skin tags, you should see results overnight with only one application, and you will find it is removing skin tags for only $5 each.

Also included with this is a free gift of the company’s trademarked healing balm. The final package they offer is if you purchase two extra strength tubes of the formula you will find this removes up to 30 skin tags, again you will see overnight results, however the cost of each skin tag removed is down to only $3, and you will get the free healing balm with this offer.


If you are looking to get rid of those annoying, sometimes unsightly skin tags then you can forget expensive surgery. By using Dermatend you will find this can be achieved in an all-natural and safe way.

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